DOP stands for “Denominação de Origem Protegida” (Protected Designation of Origin) which was found to be, administratively, more convenient to protect the National Virgin Olive Oil by its origin and simultaneously valueyng them qualitatively and commercially.

Designations of Origin apply only to Olive Oils having its own identity, the "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and "Virgin Olive Oil", without these organoleptic  defects. The DOP Olive Oils have their own characteristics and ensure, whom consumes high levels of quality.

These Olive Oils are derived from a combination of soil, topography, climate, condition and shape of Olive Trees, the olive tree varieties, cultural and technological practices and even socio-economic aspects of theregions.

This unique combination gives them typicality. A DOP Olive Oil is not better nor worse, it’s different, special, inimitable. In Portugal, there are six areas of homogeneous production of Olive Oil with Protected Designation of Origin: "Moura", "interior Alentejo ", “Northern Alentejo", "Ribatejo", "Beira Interior" and "Tras-os-Montes."