Herdade de Vale de Arca
Herdade de Vale de Arca

The excellence of the climate and soil of Herdade de Vale de Arca, demonstrated by the existence of XVth century olive trees in full production, combined with a careful varietal selection and state of the art production techniques allow the extraction of a pure and low acidity olive juice, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, strictly through the use of physical means and without chemical treatment.

Vale de Arca's Estate has a total area of about 3.000 acres. Developing from a nucleus of XVth century olive trees, our olive grove occupies approximately 1.400 acres. Planted between two idyllic dams, an abundant water source that ensures their healthy growth, our trees were carefully selected from the best Portuguese quality varietals.

Our first focus goes to agricultural labor, to which we’re fully dedicated throughout the year. We do the best from what we know and handle our olive trees with love and care 365 days a year! They pay us back, once a year, with the perfectly formed fruits that make up our harvest.

Only healthy and quality olives originating from high-grade varietals guarantee a good Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Olive Tree is therefor the Olive Oil factory. We manufacture nothing and merely have the privilege of extracting the olive juice that nature generously offers!

You can find love in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil!